7 ITIL books for beginners
Friends often ask me to recommend a book that will introduce them to the world of ITIL. And to set the scene right, they are not interested in ITIL Foundation, as they just would like to understand what ITIL is all about. Recently, I had to deal with employees, which quite quickly had to convey… (0 comment)

Now I’m totally busy with my postgraduate course (in process management, I’ll write about it a little later) and with rehersal for my exams for ITIL Service Manager certification. I’v attached flashcards created by me which are helping me with the knowledge rehershal for IT Service Manager exams.… (1 comment)

Six Sigma is a methodology used in quality management, that was created in the early 80’s of the twentieth century by Bob Galvin and Bill Smith from Motorola.   Nowadays, Six Sigma can be seen at three different levels: the level of metrics – that is 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO). the level of methodology:… (5 comments)

Last week I had an opportunity to talk with many people who were ‘fresh’ after an ITIL foundation training. One of the opinions gave me to think. “You know Mateusz, the whole ITIL is nothing new, and any reasonable manager can create those processes after a certain period of time.”… (4 comments)

The first entry in the new series –‘frameworks in the management of IT’ will be devoted to ASL which stands for Application Service Library. Application Service Library already has 6 years and is a response of management applications service providers (PinkRoccade company – now part of Getronics) on the second version of the ITIL (ITIL… (1 comment)