SIAM Foundation Body of Knowldege
SIAM (Service Integration and Management) also known as MSI (Multi-Sourcing Integration), SMI (Service Management Integration), SI (Service Integration), SMAI (Service Management and Integration), SI&M (Service Integration & Management) ‘is a management methodology that can be applied in an environment that includes services sourced for a number of service providers’. It is actually one of the hottest… (0 comment)

You can enroll for the free DevOps course (4 weeks long, a few hours a week) from Microsoft on edX platform. What’s interesting, Microsoft prepared hands on labs on Azure environment to show you DevOps in practice. I promise to review the course. DEV212x Course Info | edX… (0 comment)

When creating its MS Project Microsoft has “forgotten” about the free application for viewing files created in it (there is no such software like MS Project Viewer, in contrast to MS Word / Excel / PowerPoint Viewer). Many companies are purchasing expensive licenses of MS Project just to be able to view a schedule.… (3 comments)