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PMP vs Prince2 vs IPMA-C – Project manger’s certifications – Infographic

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I’ve just prepared a basic infographics, which shows a comparison of popularity between certifications: PMP, Prince2 Practitioner and IPMA-C. What is the most popular certification for project managers?

The infographics is based on the number of searches on Google in February 2013 (available from the Adwords tool), and official data published on the sites of the organizations owning certification schemas. For Prince2 Practitioner number of active certificates was estimated as APMG provides data only on the number of tests undertaken, but given the level passing rate (at 75%), so IMHO I can assume it is a good approximation.

The conclusion that araise are not much different from those which I published nearly four years ago. Globally PMP triumphs, with a few exceptions such as the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, where Prince2 is very strong. In Poland, PMP wins, but not a huge difference (if I would have compared certificates at a lower level, Prince2 would probably win). Australia is also an interesting case, where both are equally popular (based on Google data). IPMA certification is also worth noting, which is doing quite well in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands – 16%), Poland 7% of the queries.

It is also interesting to compare the costs to be incurred in order to take the exam (do not include the cost of training), it seems that the more niche the certificate is more expensive certification (PMP – 555 USD, Prince2 – 1215 USD, and the IPMA-C is more than 1,800 U.S. dollars). It should be taken into consideration. I would also like to recall that, in general areas covered by the certifications complement one another – from a cross-section of  project management knowledge to focused on specific processes and activities.

Soon I will try to complete the analysis of the popularity of the certification with the analysis of job offers, adding results to the infographic. As always, I look forward to comments and suggestions.

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  • Hi

    Nice graphic. In look at the search data did you adjust for the face that PMP is also a search term for a number of other things such as portable music layer etc. I only wonder because we rank on page one for PMP in the UK but sales are less than 1% of the PRINCE2 volume.

  • PMP as search terms can in fact have other meanings, however it’s mariginal as google adwords all references were to the project management only. It’s always an estimation, indeed taking into account a number of job postings requiring PMP it was about 10%.

  • Interesting info-graphic and I guess expected to have the PMP as most popular in term of numbers and more than PRINCE2 and IPMA Level C. A few questions:

    1) why are you comparing these three – do you consider them equivalent?
    2) Are you in other places comparing pre qualifications?

  • Czy statystyki zmieniły się na przestrzeni czasu? ciekaw jestem jak to wygląda dziś i jak procentowo zmieniło się zastosowanie certyfikatów PMP w Polsce jak i na świecie.

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